Ahh Easter

I think last year, for Easter, I got the boys all sports themed things. Karate for the oldest, everything baseball for the youngest, and soccer stuff for the middle guy. This year I honestly forgot about the day coming so quickly so I had the rush the situation. It didn’t help that the ex has them this weekend and had forgotten as well.

Usually the boys spend Easter with their fathers side of the family. They do the egg coloring and dinner and whatever else they do to celebrate but because the ex forgot, and he is kind of not speaking with his family, he had not planned the usual.

I was on the hook for the whole thing! I didn’t find out until Friday morning but I think that I handled it like a champ. I ran out and grabbed all the food that I thought I would need (including an almost $60 ham!) and got to work.

I made an ice cream cake, spring themed

I wanted to make a cute set up for the day in question so I decided to party-up the table. I grabbed some basket favors from the dollar store. I filled them with grass and then filled them with malt eggs, jelly beans, warheads, and money.


I didn’t want to spend as much money on “gifts” this year because I just recently spent a bunch of money on them so I went small on the baskets. I found a cute idea on Pintrest, pool noodle beach towel baskets. Filled them with candy and a stuffed bunny. I know, I’ve been trying to stay away from the stuffed animal thing but I needed something to hold the sunglasses.


So there you have it…. Food is prepped, table is ready, and I am officially tired as hell.




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