Change Challenge Check Up

Doing pretty well on the 365 change challenge. I think rougher times are ahead though, because the numbers are getting bigger. I took the challenge and multiplied it by 5 without a real idea of what I would do with the savings.


My first thought was to take a vacation with the boys somewhere warm (challenge ends 12/30 leap year). Then I thought about just giving them the cash and buying myself something nice as well.

My niece was with me for a few days, due to a school suspension, so I added her name to the hat and assured her that a portion was hers if she she finished the year strong and the first half of next school year was fabulous.

But what to do with the other 4/5?!? So then I added my other niece to the pot and removed myself. She lives hundreds of miles away from us and we we only see her through pictures. I thought about taking a trip down with the boys and niece A and grabbing niece B and doing a few days in Hershey Pennsylvania…. But it maybe be horrible next winter and i would have to rent a 7 passenger vehicle.

I guess what really matters is that I am proud that I have actually stuck to the challenge. Normally  would have gotten the kids extra crap that they’ll break by now 🙂

Here is a copy of the breakdown I found on Saving Advice. Give it a try! You know you want to.



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