Lost art of Dinner

It always seems like everyone in the world is in such a rush. Everything is “one the go”. We seem to have more of a need for all of those fast food places than ever. But what does this means for the generation that is up and coming?

I remember my youth (yeah I’m not that old yet), we never really sat down as a family and had dinner and conversation. We often ate at different times and in different places. I usually sat in front of the television with my dinner, my mother picked while she cooked so she skipped eating when it was actually done, my sister was never home, and honestly, I have no idea if my brother ate! lmao the things we tend to not pay attention to…

As I got older, I never really thought much about the fact that we never ate as a family. I can only look at our lives today and see that we could be a lot closer as a family. I see my mother once a week on average and talk to her on the phone about the same. I rarely hear from my sister (unless something is needed) and I Facebook message my brother when I need to know his current address or to find out how my niece and nephew are doing.

I don’t know what made me want to do the opposite of everything that I learned, I guess I just didn’t want to have my children relive what I did, however, I did the opposite of everything that I learned.

We, my boys and I, have dinner TOGETHER every night that they are home. It is not always at the dinner table, but it is always together. I think that this has kept our dialog as open as possible because we talk about everything.

This evening, we discussed the various things that happened at school. My oldest found graffiti in the boys restroom for the first time.. He said:

Mom… it said the A word followed by hole!

He also told his father, who called for the first time ever! and his father said something along the lines of it being something that he would see often and not to worry too much about it. To which my child responds:

But dad, it’s not okay, it was rude and horrific

Yup I think I did something right!

We also discussed the word “gay” and it’s definition being lighthearted and carefree and the terms homosexual and heterosexual because my youngest thought that the word gay was a swear and “very inappropriate”.

All while eating a spring favorite: BLT’s and Macaroni Salad





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