Untitled…. (Saturday)

Today was a really okay day and it’s not over just yet.

We got all snazzy and went to get family pictures taken. You see, the thing is, I purchased a groupon in 2014 for Target portrait studios. I had totally forgotten about the whole thing until I bout some other groupons and accidentally clicked on “expiring groupons”. n the expiring groupon folder I found, the Target deal and two glow-golf deals. They had expired (this means I need not shop groupon anymore) but they still held their cash value, just not the sale at the time. Target portrait studios is closing their doors at the end of the month so I had to act now or even the cash value would be lost (I think). So I went out and get some dressier things and scheduled a date.


When we got done with the running and stuff for the day, I found a hand drawn card and letter in the mail. He does have talent!wp-1458419335420.jpeg

Now for the rest of the evening! I have pizza on the way and a bottle ready to open and psych on deck. What a relaxing, stress-free day.



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