Knock it out Now…

OMG 1758 words later, I have submitted the draft for my stress management action plan for Psychology. It’s about 3 days early because I really didn’t want to wait until the last minute. I’m pretty much a serial procrastinator. I found that I like to put things off until the last minute because I enjoy the stress of having 4 hours to meet a deadline. I fell like I would like to try something new and so there you have it! It still did not take very long.

I thought about it all of Saturday.

Pulled all my sources bookmarked spots needed and added them to Word yesterday.

Tonight, after kissing the kids good night at 8:30, I put my feet up and  typed until done.

I did not proof read for context and stuff like that because it’s a draft and it’s a long draft…. 558 words over the target. I guess it’s a passive aggressive snipe for having to write a stress management action plan.

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