I had a great weekend… until now…

I was full of energy this weekend. I traveled to casinos in the area, won a couple of bucks:mrgreen:, did some school stuff, shopped my ass off, and cleaned house. I felt as though the energy would be everlasting. That is, until, I picked up my children.

I know your first thought must be; “why would she run out of energy? How does she really feel about the carefree weekend ending?”

It wasn’t just my little energy suckers that drained me instantly, I lost my energy before I saw their cute little faces.

If you have kids, I’m sure you have noticed that they run to you screaming and smiling the moment they get out of school for the day. If they don’t, find out why! Well I feel that they do this because they expel all of their energy throughout the day and when they see you, they steal yours for rejuvenation. I’m okay with giving them my positive energy and I’m okay with them driving me nuts with all of the pilfered goods.

This time I’m double sucked though. The moment I arrived at their fathers house, he emerged with a grim look on his face…. before the kids came out…

If you’ve ever met me, I’m sure you’ve felt the need to tell me all the problems you’ve been facing, even without wanting to do so… I think that’s what’s going to make me a great psychologist…

Oh course I ask him what’s up with the look of despair… he simply says, “I’ll tell you later”. He didn’t walk away though, so this meant he wanted to tell me now! I ask if he was sure he didn’t want to talk now and he replies with: “everything is falling to shit, but I’m okay.. I’ve come to terms”.. I asked him if all was well with the growing bun in the oven, he shakes his head…. what about the relationship? He replies: “what relationship”

I knew this meant that they had broken up again, but was still unclear about the baby status and well-being but I assumed the worst.

He tells me they broke up(she broke up with him) and 11 days later she said she was spotting and followed with she have began her cycle again..

I asked if it was a miscarriage or abortion and he said he didn’t know…

You don’t become pregnant and months later start your period… I am leaning towards abortion because that’s what they chose the first time they conceived.

I was not drained of energy because of their relationship problems, I will, of course, talk my ex husband through this trying time, once again. I was drained because now I have to explain to my children(who should not have known of this pregnancy in the first place) that they will not be adding a baby sister or brother to the mix.

It’s exhausting enough that I’ve have had almost every conversation about growing up, life, people, death, and predators way before I expected to… but now I have to try to explain a lack of sibling which I’m sure they will take very personally.

I will bounce ideas about how to approach this with the paid bedtime before I even have a sit down with the ex… love having a rational mind to consult with..

It is even better to have more minds and ideas than needed so I pose this question(s)….

What would you do?
How would you approach this conversation with kids that aren’t even teens yet?
How would you approach my ex and his ability to bring people like this into the lives of kids?
Is a possible alteration in visitation too harsh?


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