Oh Chipotle Give it up

I feel bad for Chipotle, They have been through some tough times. There have been many of outbreaks and a few of their chain stores, including 136 people in Boston that contracted the Norovirus.

There were five that I have found over on The Food Safety News website. 52 People got E-coli in mid October, 64 people got Salmonella in August and September, 5 people in July got E-coli in Seattle, and a whopping 234 people in Semi Valley California contracted the Norovirus in August says FSN

Chipotle’s Stock prices have dropped 18.19 points, that 3.47%!!! I think they will continue to fall because they are in the news just today with more talks of Norovirus


I don’t eat here and probably never will. I think that they need to literally clean up their act or close the doors for good.

Dine safely




2 thoughts on “Oh Chipotle Give it up

  1. When I lived in Wichita, KS, one of my favorite places to eat was Chipotle. I moved back to SE Texas and they opened one nearby just as the crisis hit.I don’t think they’ve been doing much business, though. Since the problem is a bacteria that takes 3-10 days to make people sick it’s hard to nail down what ingredient is the problem. I’m wondering if Chipotle has the branding strength and reputation to weather the storm.

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