Baby Showered

I have a baby shower to attend in two weeks. I decided to get the gift today because my boys will be with there father next weekend and I want them to help pick it out. The I looked on pintrest and got myself all excited about making something.

I saw the diaper cakes and baskets and figured there would at least be one at the shower already… So I tried my hands at making a tricycle…… Although I could not find the colors and patterns that I had pictured, I think I did a pretty decent job with what I had.
wp-1457298310388.jpegThe best part is, they will still have tons of extra diapers from that huge box I got because I used less than half for the tricycle.

I think it’s completely practical and fun. They will be able to use the diapers from the tricycle (obviously) and it will be the main attraction on the gift table.

I will put the rest of the diapers and the blankets and some other things I picked up, like wipes and socks and stuff into a baby laundry basket for them.

Makes me really really want to have a baby… I guess, I will just have to borrow my ex-husbands kid when that one finally arrives.




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