Repeat offender: What dreams may come

The bus trip to the end in the world.
All on bus.. nephews, oldest, sister, random people, little girl,
Fought to get to bus. Through killings, earthquakes, fires, floods.
Hiding from killers.
On bus everyone is taking cover, feels like trying to sleep until the end.
I’m dying to get off but bus won’t stop, not allowed. Eating healthy food at the end. Heavy winds… wake up

And welcome to my 2 something a.m. This obviously wasn’t a great dream. I woke up and apparently wrote down all of the things that I could remember and saved it to drafts and went back to sleep. This is what happens when you don’t have anyone to wake up and tell your nightmares to. After this dream, there was another… I think… I can vaguely remember a couple of flat tries.

This afternoon, when I had some downtime and remembered that I had a nightmare, I turned to the dream dictionary that I purchased months ago. It says:

End: The end of anything, featured in a dream, is another contrary symbol signifying new beginnings, unless it was a dead end  or a cul-de-sac, in which case the symbolism is straightforward and your dream is trying to awaken you to the possibility that you are following a road to nowhere. See also World.

World: Journeys long, short, and medium are predicted in a dream of the world, as such; a dream concerning the end of the world is an omen of contrary and signifies new beginnings.

Now, my nephews and my oldest child and sister as well as some other random people were in this dream, so are these new beginnings for them or myself? I guess that is yet to be seen… I do enjoy new beginnings.

Eating: The interpretation of this dream differs greatly according to the circumstances and other factors involved, so you must look up the various foods, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. However, as a general guide eating with guests is a happy omen, but to eat alone is a warning to guard against a loss of status or valued friends.

Wind:………….. a stormy gale forecasts hard work ahead; and to dream of being buffeted by a strong wind indicates that you will have to fight some tough and probably tricky competition to get what you want.

What do you dream about? Do your dreams ever scare the shit out of you? Do they ever leave you feeling serine and full of joy? Do you even remember them? Do you write your dreams down? Final question! Are there any lucid dreamers out there?


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