Getting annoyed with panhandlers

We have a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT, of panhandlers in my city. I don’t mind them so much because everyone has a gig, and some of them may actually be homeless. (I know with certainty that a lot of them aren’t homeless) The problem that I have with the panhandlers in my city is that they sometimes stand in very dangerous places. This is really not my business but every time I see one in a place where I may hit them, I get pissed.

They are doing work (still) on one of the major off ramps in the city. This means they have a bunch of orange cone things and temporary cylinder  walls  and fencing up at the exit. There is no shoulder at the exit and if that doesn’t make the two lane exit tight enough, now we have to make sure that we don’t hit the people that stand there all day.


Who’s fault would it be if I hit that man that is standing so close to the traffic? I feel like I would be at fault because he is technically a pedestrian but really he shouldn’t be putting his life in danger by standing in the road.


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