As predicted… today is no fun

Yesterday was a long one. I worked throughout most of the day and went out to eat with my friend who’s more like a sister.

We laughed, talked, and caught up on a lot of things and it was nice to finally get out of hermit status even though I suffered a bit of a scolding for some decisions made.

Afterwards I went out again and didn’t get home until very very late. It was fun being out so late but what was not fun was waking up today!

I wanted to get up early and knock out my cases and bring my kid to his purple belt test. This did not happen! I didn’t wake up until 12:15 and so it was go go go on getting ready and picking him up for his 1:30 test. We made it here with just 5 minutes to spare. That was just time enough for me to park the car and buy him a Gatorade from the market in the same plaza.

I figured I would knock out the cases while he tested. This did not happen. I decided to go to the 2 attempt BOA field contact first. Bad move. I had been there earlier in the week and it wasn’t super imperative that I went this afternoon. When I checked my GPS times, I noticed I wouldn’t be able to go to the one that was required and be back in time to see watch the games and see him receive his belt. I decided to go home and upload yesterday’s work instead.

I got most of the work uploaded Abe was in the process of entering data for a vacant chase default when I noticed the clock read 3:06. Well Damn! The test had been going on for about an hour and a half and I needed to get out of the door NOW! I drove way too fast to get here, leaving unfinished work open on the laptop. They opened the door to the place just long enough for me to say hi to my kid and then we parents were locked out again and blinds closed!

I’m not moving from this spot. Happy Saturday people…


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