Stress… Yup! That’s what that is

I just submitted the 2nd journal entry for my psych course. I was completely shocked that they have graded journal entries. How do you grade someones personal life goals and thoughts about how to reach them?

I talked with my paid bestie today and she was just as shocked. She suggested I just make things up. I will see what grade I get on my life this week from the stranger and decide if I will fabricate a life for her in order to get good grades. Maybe I should pretend I am an addict who is trying not to relapse. Maybe I should channel my inner Sasha Fierce and pretend I am trying to live a life of normalcy from stardom.   It’s almost like walking into your sister’s room and grabbing her diary and leaving notes in the margins. tonight’s journal entry was:

III. Analysis a) Referring to the two studies you chose, either from the list below or ones you located on your own, consider how the findings relate to your own situation and personal stress levels. Can you learn anything from the conclusions of either study that you can apply in your own life?

i. How Stress Influences Disease: Study Reveals Inflammation as the Culprit

ii. How to Predict Who Will Suffer the Most From Stress

iii. Stress Changes How People Make Decisions

b) Summarize different ways in which you can minimize or manage stress in order to support your personal or career goals. Draw from resources you reviewed throughout the course.

Sounds fun huh? My problem is doing the entry. As we all know, I have no problem with telling the world my hopes, dreams, fears, and stresses! But should those very personal things be graded?

They think so! and here are the criteria:

Critical Elements

Proficient (100%)Discusses significance of studies to own life situation with ample detail. Utilizes course resources to accurately summarize different ways student can minimize or manage stress in order to support personal or career goals.

Needs Improvement (75%)Discusses studies, but lacks significance and detail. Utilizes course resources, but summaries lack accuracy.

Not Evident (0%)Does not discuss studies. Does not utilize course resources.

So, I discussed the study and for me it was in great detail, but I am not grading it. I related 1 to my life and personal goals, I didn’t even read the first study and the last study was stupid. But again, how can you grade how detailed someone gets with a stranger about their personal life goals??? on and there was this:

My last minute response to the stress I was being placed under because someone is now grading my life.

The most stress I will be introducing into my life at this time is this school work. I have noticed that I find myself more stressed out over the details of the coursework. For example: the current journal entry requires that I/student; “Utilize(s) course resources to accurately summarize different ways student can minimize or manage stress in order to support personal or career goals” In order to gain maximum points for this particular part of the grading rubric.  I feel as though I manage my stress levels excellently and have not found an alternative means of stress reduction in the course material to further minimize my already low stress levels and therefore would not meet the require thus a receive reduction in grade.

I also wonder what signifies “ample detail”? Is this based on my ideas of what is”ample”? Is there a level of self-disclosure that must be met? These are questions that I ponder while I attempt to reach a satisfying grade, which creates stress.

Yeah, so I am probably going to get a big fat zero on my own life! Cool



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