Homework Helpers

I am an avid “I will help but, you will do it” kind of homework helper. I stress the fact that the boys need to do their homework and will help whenever needed but will not over help. I think that this has helped my boys to be better able to figure things out and promotes independence. I know that some parents do all of the ‘things’ for their children, this is evident with my kid comes home with a valentine from 4th grade Tammy with adult writing. Yeah, girls have better hand writing than boys (not in my case) but that fourth grade child does not write like that!

Yesterday was a very long day for the baby of the family. He takes part in a science club at school and yesterday was the first day of the club. He has also decided that he would like to take part in karate which the oldest does on Tuesday’s as well. His schedule was; school from 8:15- 2:40, Science club from 3-5 and then, karate from 5:30-6:30. After all of that he still needed to eat, shower, and do homework. I told him he could eat and do homework at the same time. We had fast food because of the long day (there was no way I would be cooking at 7pm) and so burgers and homework was his goal.

Somewhere along the way, the homework never made it out of the car.

This morning as we were rushing to gather things to get out of the door for school, I asked him where his backpack was. He walked to the homework room and came back with a devastated look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he bursts into tears and says he forgot to do his homework. I calmed him down and said that we had plenty of time to do it, I would help him while the car warmed up and we could sit in the car unit it was done. (I totally said this without asking the content of the homework…. oops) I found out that he only had 4 math problems and has to make a list of 25 of his ‘qualities’. He cranked out the math and we drove really slowly towards school. As we drove, the other two boys and I took turns listing his qualities as he wrote them down.

Although I am not one to do the home for the kids, this one was a welcome exception. I could list everything that I think is a quality I possess but those words would pale in comparison to a list of qualities that someone I love assigned to me. We had fun doing it, and I hope that he felt proud that his family could spout out, so readily, all of the great things about him.

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