An emotional Hijacking

I had a goal in mind that I planned to keep and achieve but I was sent on an emotional roller coaster and had to adjust and shift accordingly. My goal: Quit smoking…

Today was my quit day. I planned on getting up and conquering this goal. Things, as they usually do, did not go as planned. I got up, with intentions of not killing anything or anyone and got ready for the day. I went to bring my children to their father’s house as planned and got a slap in the face.( If you have been with CrazyTown since the beginning then you may have read some of my frustrations with my ex and his ability to parent at a level in which I would find acceptable.) Among the excuses as to why he has no clue as to when the children are on vacation from school he also hit me with, HE’S HAVING A BABY.  Normally I would say congratulations to any expecting parent ( did say that to him as well) however, when you are admittedly struggling to keep your head above water financially, and you NEVER pay your child support on time or in full, you SHOULD NOT be adding an additional child to the mix.

I would never judge or question anyone of chooses to enlarge their family, I don’t financially support you so that’s not my business, but I do financially carry almost all of the weight for half of your kids and now you are having another? That’s ridiculous. They will have 7 children to support yet I feel as tho, my 3 are the ones that will feel the greatest shafting. I need a vacation!

So I will go another way with the quitting smoking. This means I have got to process this stuff and start a detox program and some homeopathic craving kicker stuff.

Well I am not proofreading this and my mind is stiff in shitsville so I apologize if you are unable to get through it. I have to, ow, focus on creating a “stress management action plan” and describe a rococo painting for Psychology and Humanities respectively.


8 thoughts on “An emotional Hijacking

    • An unfortunate truth! I think It should be regulated but then I know that’s not reasonable or right. I just really think people should look at the bigger picture before reproducing.. Like, I feel, personally, he feels okay with this decision because I take care of his children and do that very well, and he doesn’t have to take care of her 3 children and therefore he doesn’t see the huge impact of having 7 children because he doesn’t have to actually take care of any of them… 😦
      I think he should try to get a credit card instead…


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