Something From My Psych Course to Think About

  • A twenty-first-century World Health Organization (2004) study—based on 90-minute interviews of 60,463 people—estimated the number of prior-year mental disorders in 20 countries. The lowest rate of reported mental disorders was in Shanghai, the highest rate in the United States. Moreover, immigrants to the United States from Mexico, Africa, and Asia average better mental health than their native-born U.S. counterparts (Breslau et al., 2007). For example, compared with people who have recently immigrated from Mexico, Mexican-Americans born in the United States are at greater risk of mental disorder.

4 thoughts on “Something From My Psych Course to Think About

  1. It makes sense. When you’re born and raised in a developed country you don’t get very excited about all the privileges and little luxuries that you’ve had all your life. A poor immigrant’s expectations are typically less complex too.

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