I found the glitch that has been bugging me for so long. You see, here’s the deal. The bare bones of it all, the ever-loving truth of the matter. I have flaws! Huge ones. I don’t often enjoy reflecting on them, but hey, who the heck sets out to pick themselves apart more than once in a while?

This one is a biggie! at least for me it is. I pride myself on my willingness to forgive. Right now this may not seem like such a huge character flaw but I encourage you to keep reading on.

My forgiveness… If that’s what you can call it… is selfish at best.

I have learned, the hard way, that you can not control the actions of others, only what you do, do you have control over. With that logic in mind (all the time in my case) I tend to forgive myself for making choices to be around people that make poor choices.

I forgive myself for my bad decision even though it was their decision.. Does any of that make sense?

Well… I have also noticed, while I find it possible to forgive myself for the decision to be around those that make poor decision that ultimately adversely effect me, I have not been noticing that I haven’t actually forgiven the transgressor and therefore I am left with the same toxic poison that I thought I would rid myself of by forgiving myself.

HMM food for thought? Here is a diagram that may help


I hope that helped! I’m no artist!

This all boils down to the fact that I can not only forgive myself. In order to move forward in life, I must also forgive others. That being said… I forgive You!




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