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This chapter in my life is officially closed.. It will go one way or the other but, the chapter aptly named, “madness and chaos” has been written and it is time to move on. I speak of the relationship between Bane and myself as it stood from December until today.

Today is a new day.

I have been through the most over these past few months and do not wish to dredge through those feelings at this point.

If he actually manages to get on the bus and take that trip, that would be in the best interest of all parties. If he chooses not to do that, then times will only get more dicey.

I am thankful that this  episode has expired because I could feel myself hardening as the days waged on I was not a fan of the person I was becoming.

I will not discuss the “final straws” because I have placed them in the box of sour memories and buried them deep within Pandora’s box. I am ready for the present moment of release and recuperation.

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