Nature V Nurture… Good thing it’s week 1

My Psych class for the BS program is online. This means that we have to actively participate in online discussion boards. Week one in this course started out kind of heavy. I expected it to be, introduce yourself and read some stuff, but otherwise very chill. Not true. The instructor went with “select a behavior you have seen in someone you know. Based on the reading in the text, share whether you think this behavior is based more on nature or nurture or a combination of the two”.

I wanted to go with Bane because there are so many behaviors to choose from, good and bad but I found it difficult to decide if they would fit into nature or nurture because I don’t have enough familial history to make that call. I decided to go with the ex-husband because alcoholism is thought to be genetic and can also be a learned behavior gone bad(my opinion).

I almost went with myself because of the fact that my mother and myself have pretty much carbon copy addictions, and yen yang morals,  but I didn’t want to dive into that lake just yet.

Along with posting, you have to reply to others’ posts with relevant material… I am at a loss. I have read through, maybe, a third of the posts and so far I only have “no…. that’s solely nurture!!” I don’t want to come off as rude or argumentative and I definitely don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings because there is some personal stuff in there…

Wish me luck. I think I can… I think I can…




4 thoughts on “Nature V Nurture… Good thing it’s week 1

  1. I find it difficult to know whether any behaviours are nurture or nature. What seems to be nature could possibly be due to something that happened at a very early age but not remembered or thought of as being an impactful moment. I think though that nature provides genes that rewire people in different ways to certain stimuli. The alcoholism theory seems like a good example in all of this. I guess it’s kind of like the chicken or egg conundrum.


    • I am not sure too much either because, as you stated, it could be do to something that didn’t make it to core or has been blocked out. But I also don’t believe the alcohol theory. I think that alcoholism is more of a learned behavior and then hands are thrown up and it’s blamed on genetics. Much like the other addiction ‘diseases’. I say this because my father was an alcoholic and my grandparents and most of the generation before me! Which lead to all of my generation seeing heavy drinking as ‘fun’ and ‘normal’.. And now the next… However, my lack of alcoholism, should prove that my children won’t find it as ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ and therefore would (hopefully) be responsible drinkers haha..

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