No one likes A liar and Karma is A bitch

I am livid! Remember when I said that I would no longer use my bank for the purposes of holding my money? That I would go there on a weekly basis and remove my money from their institution because of the outrageous fee that they charged me? Well I learned my $110 dollar lesson then, and I have now learned a more painful $20 lesson!

I know that you’re probably like “whaaaat….. she must be losing it” but I assure you, I am not. I really wouldn’t freak out a great deal if I had just lost $20 while being careless or something, but when someone that you allow into your home, into your life! takes any amount of cash, no matter how small, it’s worse than the $110 fee from the bank.

See… You expect banks to go out of their way to charge you fees… ATM fees, Maintenance fees and so on… What you don’t expect, is someone taking it from you without your expressed consent.

So here we go!

After swearing not to use the bank anymore, I kept my word. I went to the bank every time money was direct deposited and withdrew the cash. I originally put the cash in my Taber’s encyclopedia because I didn’t want it laying around. One day, I came into the living room and the Taber had been facing in the wrong direction. I immediately counted and put the cash in my wallet. When asked why I was changing the placement, I said because I don’t want anyone to know where the money is!

I moved to the envelope and hidden locations. I filled the envelope as much as it would hold, evened it out (I like the easy to count numbers) and WROTE THE AMOUNT ON THE ENVELOPE!!!

Today… 😦 I took one envelope out and couldn’t put it back because I didn’t want the location seen.. I put the cash in my wallet and began painstakingly getting ready to work. I drove to the gas station(full service) and gave the attendant my CARD… Ran 10 cases and headed to the bank to withdraw the deposit that came in today. I went to add x to y and it didn’t equal z!!!

I am livid. I know exactly how much money is in my house and on my person at ALL times and it should NEVER be different! So I hope you enjoy the cigarettes and dime bag of weed that you can get with the money you took from my wallet and I hope you’ll leave my money in my mailbox before you  board the bus to Florida. I hope you have a nice life but I will not be included. I will not live my life checking and double checking to see if my stuff is where it should be.


One thought on “No one likes A liar and Karma is A bitch

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