Hmm and the saga continues.

I told you about my $110 lesson and I have told you about my $20 lesson… Now I’m going to tell you about my $3 lesson!

I am taking the 365 day change challenge.


I am taking this challenge times five though. So at the end of the year I should have $3339.75 saved and the children and I will do something fun with it.

As you already know, I am a counter! I count because I have been know to forget to drop money in the bucket. I counted the other day and was $3 dollars over the amount that it should be @ day 40something times 5… I counted today because of the $20 lesson I learned and found that someone was nice enough to even it out for me!

Ridiculous…. A blunt must have been needed for the weed  bought with stolen money and they must not have wanted to take another twenty from the stack in the wallet and knew that my challenge jar was $3 over because I told them.

Moral of the story…. People are not to be trusted.

Good thing you don’t know where I keep my $1’s because I don’t spend those. Oh and you probably should’ve taken enough to turn your phone on because you, undoubtedly, knew that when I found out, you would know I know it was you!


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