Combination of douchery

I saw a meme somewhere, some day. This gist of this meme was along the lines of the same person that named February had to have been the same person that named Wednesday.

My thoughts on this are as follows: This person was definitely drunk or maybe even high on some very strong drugs! We, or at least I, pronounce the month ‘Febuary’ and the day, ‘Wensday’. Where did all of those extra letters come from?

I say we remove Wednesday and February from the calendar and call it a day. Or at least Wednesday’s should be designated days off from society and we should take a 28(9) day vacation in the month of February!

In fact, February is such a messed up month that it can’t decide if it has 28 or 29 days!

This is just ridiculous and the madness needs to stop!

Now….. Who will sign my petition to get these things done?

2 thoughts on “Combination of douchery

  1. Well, my oldest sister’s birthday is February 29, so I’d hate to get rid of that day 🙂 But I get what you’re saying. Those superfluous letters are all over the English language. Where the hell did they come from? It’s a mystery 🙂

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