Dreams or Clues?

My son was awaken this evening because of a scary dream. He told me that he had saw a man crying, and when he went up to see what the problem was, the man turned to him with a creepy smile.

I am sure you, as an adult, can clearly see how that wold be disturbing.


I apologized to him for having to be subjected to such severe deception and helped him grab his blanket to crash on the couch.

I tried looking his dream up in my dream dictionary but failed miserably. I am a firm believer that our dreams are our subconscious’ way of telling us things that we may have missed or need to pay more attention to. My oldest son also happens to be a very intuitive child and therefore I pay even closer attention.

I, on the other had, had a dream of completion of a HUD Cert for a case on my roster. The number 2 stood out,  second story unit in a house #’rd 2 with two ladies inside. This might be because yesterday, I got a phone call for a number I didn’t know. The people on the other end said that I was going to be served and picked up on 2 felony counts of fraud and that I would be served/picked up at 2pm.

Either way… I just needed to get this off my brain or I would never be able to get back to sleep!


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