Switching into high gear

I didn’t know how terribly stuck I was unit I was entering an associate degree program for counseling. I am sure I wrote about my program back in the summer. The problem with that was, I already hold a Associate degree!

I felt like I was keeping myself on the same level and I was becoming more and more stuck in a rut. I was terrified when I decided to apply for a Bachelor degree program. I put it off and put it off but realized that I had to move forward in life.


I was with him for almost two years. Our relationship became progressively volatile and9d3809edb2af878b4247192467223644 ended in a blaze of lights and sirens. Again, I was stuck in a rut. I tolerated every single thing that the guy threw at me and stayed on that level of compliance. Never standing up or speaking out. On the rare occasion that I did stand up, I almost immediately retracted it.

I decided to get out of that rut as well. I am standing stronger and taller than ever. I have thwarted all attempts at a backslide and I feel pretty good about it. I know that I can not change the feelings that I have, but I also know that I can no longer tolerate disrespect. I will not longer tolerate disrespect.

My living space has been stuck in a rut as well. I am slowing crawling from underneath the complete and total neglect that has been my world since July. It’s time to get back to the Nine Environments Of Me

This week has come to a close (depending on you perception, it may be 1 one of week 2) It’s time to wash it away. Take the things that will help you to learn and grow into the next week, but leave the things that do not serve you behind.


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