$110 lesson in why I’m going back to cash only

Apparently the government has decided that there is a limit to how many times you may transfer funds between your PERSONAL accounts per month. Anything beyond the number that the government has declared you shall receive a fee of $10 dollars per transfer.

I didn’t know this rule came into existence but the bank says they sent me a letter or that it was on some sort of form that I signed and agree to. This is absurd! You see, I may never have known of this new to me thing but January was a very active month for me. I found myself transferring all willy-nilly trying to  obtain and maintain a fine mental balance. This more likely because I feel completely unbalanced in my world and there had to find something I could control. Unfortunately for me, this little life lesson could very well have cost me $280.

I was completely shocked when the bank called to inform me that I made 28 transfers over the allotted amount of transfers… First off, really?!?! why would I do that? How did I do that? Secondly, you’re charging me for this? really? how can you do that?

At that moment I decided that cash would be the way to go. Every direct deposit will be withdrawn every week leaving only enough money in the account to cover the automatic payments and payments I can only do via plastic hell. This means that the tellers in my lovely bank will see my beautiful face up to three times a week. They will eventually ask me why I am removing my money so often, and I will tell them!

I got a call today, which I let go to voicemail, stating that after further negotiations (not by me) they were able to get the fee down to $110. Which, to me, means that they could have got it down to zero.


I don’t feel I should be charged for moving money within the same banking institution, within my jointly connected accounts.


4 thoughts on “$110 lesson in why I’m going back to cash only

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