What Did I Just Find?

Having an odd sense of humor is something that I enjoy. Today, however, I almost wish I didn’t make the joke that I made.

The kids come home from school and love to share their day with me. This is how our family operates. We talk and share our worlds. Today, the baby, shared his artwork with me. The first was a flip book of sorts, filled with hand drawn characters from Five Nights At Freddy’s. Awesome kid… Great job.

We finally got into the house and he comes from the homework room and was like “look mom, this is the license plate that I made today. Now when I get a car in 7 years….”. Of course i’m like… Great!! that’s awesome.


I made a small joke via text to Mr. Craft:

Me: Stamping plates early, this one

A small joke about the attitude of a child… HAHA jail… get it?

Mr. Craft: I don’t know how I feel about that… Seems like they tryna b funny… Tha school system.

While trying to keep the spirit of my joke about the “system” being unfair to people of color, and it beginning at a young age… I continue on

Me: Bout to find out if the two light skinned ones made plates too

I’m sure you have read somewhere that my children are biracial (black and white) and my twin is almost my color and the other two are almost their dad’s color.

Mr. Craft: hmmm… if not am definitely callin NAACP..

Where’s Al Sharpton when u need him

That’s when I got the shock of a lifetime! I don’t pretend to be unknowing of the racial tensions that are engulfing our country today. I know it exists because you can’t go on any news station or website without something.

I remember seeing the picture of the high schoolers that took that really idiotic picture niggers-shirt-girlsthat has gone viral. I should have been able to search it and find it easily enough right? I eventually found the picture…  ——->

I’m sure these girls thought that this would be totally acceptable… LMFAO I don’t believe it either… Although this photo is shocking, what’s worse is the images that I found before finding this one.

I simply looked for “class of 2016 ni**a tee shirts” Why? because I thought those key words would bring this photo up, and only this photo up…. Sadly I was wrong.


I’m sorry….. What? When did this become something that is acceptable or appropriate?

Time for the closeup

This is mind boggling…. First of all, how did these girls get through an entire school day with that on their back? Second of all, who the hell made that tee-shirt?????


2 thoughts on “What Did I Just Find?

  1. When I saw the picture of the license plate I had the same joke in my head and I felt bad. Then I scrolled down to see your same sense of humour and I felt better…lol. I’m nowhere near politically correct but the picture of those girls smiling while in those shirts is too much.

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