When Parking Matters

It is not a good night for parking on the wrong side of the road on CrazyTown Lane!

Fortunately Luke Helped me remove and move some things in the garage the other day, and tonight I parked the car in it. I didn’t want to got through the hassle of brushing off the car tomorrow. THANK YOU LUKE!!! Plus my neighbor likes to park right before the start of my garage and I have to reverse close to her car so I don’t block the other neighbors garage.

wp-1453608672249.jpegUnfortunately…. No one parked in the spot I normally park in and two people parked on the wrong side of the street. When They get up in the morning, they won’t have to brush their cars off either, they will first think their cars have been stolen and then the police will tell them which yard their vehicle has been placed in. I’ve been there!!

It was 3 years ago and I woke up and panicked. I cried for about 20 minutes before I called the police to report my car stolen. They laughed a little before telling me which garage and it costs a couple hundred dollars to get it back.

They came with two flatbeds and a regular tow truck…  They quickly took those two cars away and kept on going down the hill.



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