Single….. What’s that?

I have been completely off my blog game for a few weeks now… But rest assured I’m back!

Second stop: WordPress Reader.

I checked out Fabulous With Glitchesbecause I think it’s a great read and conveniently titled “My single days”… NewsFlash…. CrazyTown, party of 1 is where I’m at.

She has a great story there about her date with the professor… This is definitely a must read. Side Note: I would have definitely responded in a funny way too!!  I giggle a little because… really… does that happen? and headed over to the V-Pub to see if Rob would be able to distract my mind further. This proved to be a good choice.

Reading about the single life, and technically being single myself, I began searching for some quirky single things I have experienced in my life. I was lost… I don’t think I have ever really been “single”. I met my ex-husband when I was just 18 years old. We were together until I was 26. During the legal separation/pending divorce, I met PB… We were together until I was 29…. And I met Him when I was 31… The year I turned 30 I was seeing a fella… All of these were monogamous situations… I’ve never been “single”… Even now that I’m single, I’m not…



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