Opportunity costs…. Rambling

I have been on this ride for quite some time. I think that I have some major self reflection to embark on. This requires a glass of wine and a silent mind.

12573007_752320694903769_8443451220696119412_nThis is so true! No one every really thinks about the everlasting effects of the words they utter to someone. It isn’t until that person has felt the true burn of the truth, that they will, hopefully, recognize what it is that they actually do to others.


You see…. Everything has a cost. This cost is not always based on the $.. Sometimes this cost is a little bit harder to see. You are charged by the word when you speak…

The goal (especially when you are speaking and surrounded by negative energy) is to decide, in that moment, if the cost is something you would be willing to pay, knowing full well that they words are non-refundable.

I could run a list of words down for you that have a negative impact on others but I’m sure, at some point or another, you have heard or spoken a word or two.

This ramble come direct from a place of sadness, worry, and anger and frustration.



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