I’m kind of excited about this blizzard. I feel the urge to hurry up outside and shovel the sidewalk. I think this is completely odd because who the heck really wants to shovel snow? I think this whole emotional eating thing has begun to switch over to emotionally keeping busy.

It may be also because I am cold and want to keep moving. Why am I cold? Because my heating system is shitting the bed and I’m in a rental! Yesterday they were weighing their options, whether or not to fix the current or replace… They were probably doing this over a nice cup of hot chocolate in front of their fireplace. This is the image I imagine.


While I have been here for about two weeks struggling to keep it hot in here and usuallybcbid-pcuaanw65 ending up like this.

Their plumber will be over Monday, after the storm so that he can see if maybe it should be fixed or replaced.

Oh goodie. Hoping that this weekend isn’t too cold haha… Hoping that I don’t turn into a fudgepop…
Have I mentioned that I don’t like winter? Well, It’s time for bed so that I could get up early and put some work in… Happy Saturday1210p89-fudge-pop-intro-l


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