Opportunities, Offers, and Potential changes.

What a day today was was. I made an attempt to work but found myself with no cash to continue on with my journey. I decided to call it a day instead of hitting the ATM or going back to work from home.

After all of the drama I have been going through, and not telling you about, recently, I wp-1453511819157.jpegreally needed a glass of wine. I stopped into a large wine shop that I usually don’t go to because their prices are higher than the other liquor stores because they are “under new management” always, and probably haven’t made a profit as of yet.

Anyone who has worked in a wine and spirits place knows that January is a dead month for sales on liquor.

Either way, I picked up A Louis Jadot. I don’t usually get these because I drink a lot of wine and they’re $23 a bottle which adds up quickly.

The gentleman at the register carded me. That was nice seeing how I just turned 33! But then he asked me if I was French… I looked at him a little confused and said….. “……no…..” then he asks if I spoke french.. I said no to that as well.. He said it was because of my choice in wine. I’m guessing not a lot of people pick up Louis Jadot in Worcester.

I explained to him my previous experience running a wine store and he asked me to leave my name and number. He said that his employer would probably be interested in contacting me regarding an opportunity.  I gave him the info, not because I am on the market for a job, but because I never close doors on myself. You never know which will be the one that could be of most growth. I don’t think it is this one in particular due to the fact that this is at least the 3rd time they have been “under new management” in the last year.


9 thoughts on “Opportunities, Offers, and Potential changes.

      • Customarily you would fill out an application or take their info down. You are in a relationship after all… Passing your number out just doesnt seem appropiate. But thats just my view. Will stay tuned to see if it pans out.


      • I am in a relationship! I’m sure him being a rational adult male understands that sometimes passing on your information to prospective employers is the easiest form of networking. He is in the tattoo biz and pretty much every girl in the world has his number…


      • No.. Worcester is not… But all of Worcester liquor stores have higher end wines and zero employees that are versed even the slightest in wine and therefore the higher end stuff doesn’t sell. I think that was why he was shocked that I picked it! I hadn’t tried the brand since forever and then the guy I’m in a relationship with purchased a bottle for me on my birthday weekend and it totally brought me back.


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