The year of changes rages on BUT…

The week of oddities has ended. I am feeling this whole Capricorn New Moon thing. If you happen to believe in the signs and stuff having an impact on life, check it out! There is also a list there, and I know how you feel about list.

I am excited about making moves and feeling less “stuck in a rut”. I am thrilled about starting my Forensic Psychology program next month!

I also checked out some interesting things about my sign, Capricorn over at the Hive “Honey Lune Hivery is a space that is designed to a EcoSpiritual Lifestyle. An EcoSpiritual Life is just as it sounds, being environmentally and spiritually conscious. By respecting and honoring Mother Earth, and by working with energies, we can find holistic health and happiness for ourselves.” Check out what that is all about!

It’s back to the grind for this Crazy Lady. Practicing patience and knowing that everything I want, I will get…. Somehow!

Stay true to you

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