Day 8: Boys Will Be Boys

Since I have been talking to Him, I have been not talking to others on a more than friendship level. I have broken it to my chat buddies that it is just not going to be anything more than friendship.  The other day, a bunch of people came out of the woodwork and I spent a large portion of the day explaining that it was a false milkshake.

And then there is tonight.

This fella, I stopped talking to a little bit ago. Not solely because of Him, but also because I really can’t do the constant deciphering of his messages. Find out more in Sorry, not Sorry. He starts with…”Hi, how are you?” to which I reply… “Fine, you?” and it went downhill from there.

He asked me why I no longer wanted to pursue things, if it was him or just the lack of communication. I told him that it was neither.

We didn’t lack communication, I didn’t understand his variation of communication. I didn’t say that part though because I didn’t was to hurt his feelings…

I just said that we were in different places and then text a bunch of huge words that were probably  out of context but I knew he would have to google at lot and therefore would just give up. If you have not read Sorry, not Sorry then you should! You will have a better understanding.

He said that he didn’t get it. We are in different places but opposites attract and if we were in the same place it would be a dull relationship… I giggled a little and then sent this:


I thought that this would completely end the subject, I mean after all, he was the same guy that said “nuff wit the big words”. But no… wp-1452310676893.jpeg

You got it! Science sucks!!! Wait… What??? Love?? ummm….

I went on about chemical reactions and a whole bunch of stuff I could create.. But ended it with “we can still be friends” and then there was this..wp-1452310683492.jpeg

Oh boy…

Know your worth


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