Day 7: I forgot to post. It was Date Night

Day 7 was no less weird. It was kind of fitting for 2016. I am getting accustom to the oddities now.

The day started off amazing! I woke up to some amazing words in my messages and that set the tone. I got accepted to a forensic psychology program and that kept things running high.

And then I got stuck on some ice.

wp-1452310782811.jpeg I didn’t actually get myself that far stuck on the ice, I had help! I was on the mission of tracking down a debt of 68,000. I found the home and went to turn down the homes driveway. I didn’t feel my tires sink into the snow, so I stopped. I immediately tried to reverse and found that the ice hump I was on was not having it! A car stops. It was a mother and daughter. The daughter asks if I needed help. I asked her if she felt comfortable putting my car in reverse and gassing it while I pushed. She was okay with that. I tried and nothing… While I was using a large stick to take the ice hump down to size, the mother suggested driving forward. She thought it would work and I was out of ideas. The daughter brought the car all the way to the edge and the battle was lost. The Ice that masked itself as snow had won. The ladies told me that they would go get some salt and return. I was in a small town, things are miles away and I really didn’t think they would return. I kept digging with my stick.

A gentleman pulled up and asked if I needed help.. I said yes! but some ladies had said they would go get salt. He sad he would return, after he put his groceries away, with shovels to help in the process. He only lives 2 miles away! I thanked him in advance and he was off. I continued to dig. Iwp-1452310796348.jpeg searched my trunk for something I could use under the tires to gain some traction from this dreaded ice… I found a notebook… Hey It couldn’t hurt. I tore some pages out and placed them behind the tires.

I was at a loss. I had no gloves in my possession so it was painful pulling the frozen landscaping from the ground of the abandoned home. I had to try something and paper was at the ready.


Another guy flies by as I am still digging. I saw the red truck coming back and was filled with hope. At least people were stopping. At least I was not alone. This guy was the knight! He came back with his big red truck which had a huge bucket of sand in its bed. He also had a shovel. As he was tossing sand under my tires, my ladies in shining armor came back with a bucket of sand as well! I had been saved. I thanked and hugged them all, probably against their will, but it happened. I was off.

I was going to be late for my appointment with my lady friend of the mind but she got a kick out of the pictures I sent her, so she gave me a cancelled appointment and I had a chance to breath.

Last night I hung out with Him (<—New/old nickname) We had Chinese food and an amazing time of laughter and Netflix. It all ended well…

Day seven definitely kept up with the previous days of WTF I have been experiencing.


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