Day 5 of the New Year: Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

I wanted to chit chat, this evening, about the fierce game that Luke (<— New NickName) has come with. How my text log is completely full of things that even the hardest of the hard would melt to. How spending the afternoon together really just kind of twists my heart valves into pretzel knots aching for another hour or so. But sadly my intuition kicked me in the chest and that was the ultimate defibrillation. Snap back to reality.

My intuition is strong! I mean would win world title strong! I start to get a super horrible feeling in my stomach and a feeling of doom I get nauseous and never really know what will happen until it happens…. If I did, I would be psychic and rich right now!.

Either way, I text Luke… “…really funny feeling right now…”  unfortunately, due to our history, my first reaction was ‘what the heck is he up to, we just parted ways’…. He text me back quickly because… well… he probably knew I was thinking that.

I pulled up to the Mobil, stomach in knots, and told the fellas i was running right in and out.. Oh look… There’s uncle Bob (<—yup I did that!!) I run in, uncle Bob and I exchange pleasantries and he exits. I leave and he halts me in mid step… He starts to go on about the current dissolution of his marriage to aunt Milly (<—That too!) and how much he has been trying to get her back and she’s not having it. Then the question… “Do you know if she’s seeing anyone? I know she is and I’m going to kill him… I told her that and she won’t tell me!” umm…. NO.. Nope… Not to my knowledge!

We had a brief counseling session in the Mobil entryway and some text counseling afterwards. I’m trying to talk him off the ledge and I don’t think she is helping the cause much. I know if I push the issue, he will shut down, so I have to take things slow. I also have to expedite this because I unofficially have the “duty to warn” hanging over my head. I will not go into the details here but, the situation is not springtime and sunshine.

The thing about relationships is: They are very difficult to maintain. When two people are not on the same page with things, sometimes things get lost in translation. There is often miscommunication that lead to the inevitable demise of the relationship. When a relationship has reached the end of it’s road, people sometimes don’t see what it is like for the other person. There is often one party that did not reach the end of that street and still has some walking to do, while the other is just ready to turn the corner.

It is never helpful to be dishonest even when that party is holding on to something that you are not. It is also not wise to lead the wanting party on by sending mixed signals of possible reunification.

See where Milly went wrong was when she decided that “hey, he offered” was the right way to go. Once you know that the party is doing these things in hopes of rekindling an old flame, you need to remove the wick from the damn candle. You can not go on allowing this person to do things for you because they think it is helping their ultimate goal of “back together”. When you do, crimes of passion often follow.

What a start to the New Year huh? Medical, medical, twin flames, fights, anger!


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