Wow it’s only been 4 days

Wow it’s only been four days and the year is already sending my brain on a roller coaster ride through CrazyTown!

Got a sick kid call today. It is very personal and close to me and also not my news to share (sounds like I’ve said that before). I’m really not sure what to say about the situation. By sick I don’t mean sneezey, whiny sick, I mean hospitalized, IV, breathing tube sick. I mean flash back to my days in the NICU sick.

After finding out about my baby I was asked how I was doing. I really couldn’t follow that up with “eh, you know, a biopsy here a biopsy there, a few abnormal cells in the old uterus”… And so I said things were fine. But if you must know, you can follow up here.

I think I may need another vacation. This one for real… This one to a warm place with sandy beaches.


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