Warning: Ranting happens

I am super frustrated right now. I can’t always control the emotions that I feel about certain situations. I try so hard not to look upon the lives of others with any emotion other than happiness for their accomplishments, and empathy for their hardships. Recently I have been less than able to feel empathy for certain people.

I was talking with B (<— new nickname) the other day and he was telling me about his friends that live in my area. We all realize that to live in the same area is to pay a similar living expense for said area. Either way, I was confused because these people have at least two children and therefore they have a household size of 4, just like me! However, unlike me, they do not work… Here I will say that again… THEY DO NOT HAVE JOBS. How do they eat? I can only assume welfare and welfare and welfare. I struggle to get by for the most part and these people are living like royalty. I don’t get it! The system needs to be overhauled. I think it should be limited! You shouldn’t get section 8 (which pays most if not all of your rent) for more than six months time. You should not get food stamps/vouchers for longer than 3 moths which is a extremely lengthy amount of time for two able bodied adults to find suitable employment.

What are the guidelines for these subsides? Who monitors this? When are the re-evals done? WTF.

I bet if a time limit was placed on these means of assistance the economy would be different, the crime rates would be different, the population increase would be different…

This is a must discuss on Thursday with my paid bestie


5 thoughts on “Warning: Ranting happens

  1. But, there are ppl in genuine need of assistance, so assuming these neighbors of yours ARE taking advantage of the system, limitations can’t be brought on to make it harder for others.

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    • Yeah.. I think that is where the problem begins… There are people that actually need the help but…. forever??? I think that people that are physically able to work should be encouraged to do so… It seems as though, at least in my city, that it is more beneficial to quit working and hop aboard the govTrain.


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