What are your dealbreakers?

Deal breaker time.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, in my “single status” capacity. I generally fall right into “what are my deal breakers” mode when considering a relationship or dating. I guess it’s the underlying negative that creeps out every once in a while.

My number one deal breaker is heavy alcohol use and angry drunks. I’m guessing this is because… My father was a heavy drinker, although my memory is almost completely a fog when it comes to my youth and when he was alive, I can vaguely remember a scene where my mother was running around the living-room with my baby brother in her arms and when I recall that memory, I get a not so good vibe from it. I also clearly remember the day of the fire, he had been drinking all night long and was, more than likely, too drunk to wake up and escape the blaze. There were at some point, rumors that my sister (who passed in the fire) had made it out and then went back in to get him. I believe this is the reason why I don’t, won’t, can’t deal with a life partner who drinks heavy or is nothing less than a happy, goofy drunk.

I found a pretty cool chart on Psychology Today with deal breakers and such. Obviously I have a more tortured past than the subjects of this survey.




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