Disappointed BUT Not So Disappointed

wp-1451789364900.jpegI can’t say that I expected things to change rapidly. I did expect that they would change for a while at least.

I’m disappointed because I just received some distressing information and would have enjoyed being able to just take comfort in companionship.

I am, however, okay with just the companionship of nurse Jackie, Apothic Dark and the cat.
I do hope that change will happen but honestly I am not holding my breath. Change takes time and energy and most importantly a will to do so. Some people are really not ready to undertake such drastic lifestyle changes and that’s okay. I am not willing to relive 2015.

I guess the moral of the story is CrazyTown has set boundaries and is more than willing to move on if those boundaries continue to be pushed and tested. I am completely out of all second, third and fourth chance cards… Everyone will only be receiving one chance and one chance only. Life is too short so if your “turn up” is more important than me, then turn up.

Stay true to you


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