Mrs Clause

wp-1450878573510.jpegChristmas is absolutely my favorite time of year! It’s the season of giving and seeing the smiles of the world. I don’t think there is a Salvation Army bucket that I have passed without dropping money in the slot.

Even though I love giving, I always find myself lost on what to give my family. Not my children, of course, I know what they like and want because I spend everyday with them. It’s the others that I find it hard to gift!

This year my mom and her husband were pretty easy. They have been talking about getting a deep fryer for a couple of weeks now and last night my sister came by and showed me what she had gotten them. I was a canvas portrait of them at her wedding. Pretty cool! Especially because she didn’t get them the deep fryer… Done and Done!

I tried to figure out what my nephew likes to drink and the only information I could gather was that he does not drink beer! I settled on some nice liquor glasses. I’m not sure if he is of the age where the glass you drink from matters, but maybe…

My younger nephew is even harder to shop for.. Who knows about the style of the young these days, especially with skinny jeans for men being front and center. I decided to go with an  awesome scarf! You can never have too many scarves…

My sister is into this coffee business and coincidentally enough her boyfriend brought her into the business so I decided to get super cheesy and include him. I got them novelty coffee mugs. Sounds cheesy right? If you read the words you’d be like “wow, how mushy”… That’s perfectly them! Mushy!!!

Lastly, for the people that will be getting gifts at my home.. My niece… wp-1450878555432What the heck do you get a tween with everything? You get them nothing! I would surely drop the ball by making an attempt a narrowing down something for her ever-changing style and mood.. I didn’t want to get just a gift card sooooooo…. I made her a dress and a suit too!!! Yup and that’s just what I told her mother… “oh and I made her a dress and a suit”.. My sister, clearly shocked, says, “what? You know she’s almost as big as you right?” I’m like yeah, I know… It’ll be fine.. She’ll love it.



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