Know when to hold’em

pocket-rockets-1I feel like relationships are just one huge poker game. Texas hold’em to be specific. I think we get dealt our hold cards and our first job is to figure out if we will be in that hand or not.

I have been dealt some hold cards that have just not won the big hand, that one hand that you can just get up from the table! My most recent hands have all been folded.

I have been dealt a Jack Eight off suit aka DB. The cards are high enough, sure, but would I really bet a ton of money on those two? No and here’s why: They are not suited. The possibilities with those two would be great had they been a “match”. They could reach the straight, the flush, they could pair high enough to win a hand… I just can’t do it with them off like they are.

Just before the Jack Eight, I was dealt a five three suited. I didn’t keep those.. I just had no interest in playing with them and it would probably end in a gut shot gone wrong!


That brings us to now. I was dealt those worst poker hand in the history of hold’em poker hands. (YD&FOC) I fold…. I’m leaving the table for a while. Let’s cut these decks better please.



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