Date Night!!! What a day

Hey My loves! It’s date night.. It should have been a double date tonight with you and that young guy 😉 Sadly I bowed out of the meet up with him. I had no choice… Well obviously I did, but I just couldn’t do it. The stress from everything that is going on in the world has produced 1 very huge pimple on my good side!!! every photo this week has sucked and this morning I woke up to 2 small undercover ones on my chin… I didn’t even want to face the world.

Enough about that drama on the brighter things…

I plan on getting fit this winter. Everyone sets these ridiculous New Years resolutions to do this or that. I will be starting now and definitely will be following Tone while I plan to beat the winter blues.

I definitely lack the proper hydration. I really enjoy coffee and basically live off of the stuff. I will be keeping close watch on my water intake. As noted on Water Water everywhere post, I will be jazzing my water up so that it’s more fun to drink.

To end the beginning of my new me… I plan to quit smoking tomorrow! Yep I said it. I have tried (not really) to quit smoking many, many, times. I just wasn’t ready. I never told anyone (except for Archer) what I was doing so I had zero support on that journey (Archer actually sabotaged the whole thing). I am making my public declaration right here and right now! Tomorrow is my quit day!!!

I will also be adding Yoga to my repertoire. I will be doing this 30 day Yoga with Adriene … I will take a before  picture and update this post this evening before I begin the 30 days to a new me.

I love you all…

Stay true to you



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