How The Gods Saved Christmas

My children are still young; 9, 9, and 10. They still believe in Santa very much. I enjoy that I have been able to maintain the mystery of this season for them. They also believe in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.


Yesterday, after I picked them up from school, the youngest shouted out “Jeremy doesn’t believe in Santa. He said that parents just put “from Santa” on some gift, put the parents really buy all the gifts.” I immediately put my hands on the 10 and 2 position and braced for the worst.

The chatter had begun between the boys. The oldest defended the belief and the middle child started to ask about the Tooth fairy. I just made noises “pfft” and “hmm” and prayed the talk went away, I didn’t want to openly lie to the boys but I knew there was a possibility that I would. I was not going to kill their spirits at this moment.

The car got quiet and then… The oldest says; “Mom, do you have a super secret stash of all of our teeth?”.


What I wanted to say: YES son it’s in a matte black vase that hangs out in the pantry. This vase not only has all of your teeth but it also has the first hair cut, the gross part of the umbilical cord that falls off after a while and premi diapers and cotton jaundice glasses! Oh yeah and itty bitty premi robes from the NICU. )Don’t ask why I have kept all of these things because I don’t really have an answer)

What I actually said: …… Huh??

Then like magic, the attention span the size of a gnat kicked in and BAMM! “I bet Jeremy doesn’t even believe in Zeus” The conversation started to turn towards gods and their powers until the youngest said, “guys, we should make a list of all the gods and their powers”.


How the gods saved Christmas


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