It’s amazing the difference a year can make!

Last year, at this time, I was completely stressed out. I had a very good job but I seemed to be unable to catch up on anything and Christmas was turning into a nightmare quickly. I was completely in over my head and could not figure out why.

Last year, I had cried a lot. I mean a lot!!! Tears of sadness fell weekly and I was frustrated about the direction in which my life was headed.

Last summer the world that I had been existing in imploded. It ended in blue lights illuminating my street at around 3 in the morning.

The year was rounding the bend at that point for me. I sailed through the end of the summer and straight into fall the tears had stopped falling at that point. I had a lot of anxiety and even a full blown panic attack this fall but the eyes remained dry.

I had decided that I would no longer endure things that I didn’t want to. I would no longer be a prisoner in my own universe.  I jumped right back into meditation and self help. I didn’t feel the sadness anymore. I left a  decent second job in order to release the stress that job caused me. My job is not great paying but I enjoy it. I don’t have the stress that I had last year about Christmas and I’m pretty well on top of almost everything else!

It helps to remove toxic people and things from your life. I haven’t cried tears of sadness. There was the one night the kids and I watched the movie Inside Out, and I could not hold back the tears because all of my children were sobbing uncontrollably! Just watch the movie.

No room for negativity.

Stay true to you

PEACE; positive energy always creates elevation



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