Getting green with Greenfield

I stumbled across a video of a guy, Rob Greenfield, living is a tiny house in California. I watched the video because he was introducing us to his tiny house and how he lives. I am very interested in the “living off the grid” idea, although, I feel like it is something that I would be unable to achieve.

Those who can’t… watch YouTube videos..~Me

You can watch the video below..

I found his living situation very interesting because it is almost completely outdoor living. The thing that fascinated me the most is the fact that there are no roof tops on any of the rooms situated in the living area. I think it would be very uncomfortable going to the bathroom in the rain, but apparently, (info from a video commenter)  there is not much rain to be had in the area.

I was kind of put off when he showed the inner working of the bathroom and the compost area of his world.

Even though I think this way of living is extreme, I think that if we all could reduce our carbon footprint just a little bit, our world will be left better off for our children.

What do you think about Rob Greenfield’s tiny house and living green? Drop you 2cents in the comments or in my paypal… Your choice but you must choose one!!!

4 thoughts on “Getting green with Greenfield

  1. It’s definitely doable. I would be interested in trying it for fun. But he doesn’t mention anything about the land that he occupies. I’m assuming he rents it off someone. Have you checked out the Tiny House show on Netflix?

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    • I haven’t checked that out yet. I just heard about it today actually. Yeah he doesn’t mention that at all. It kind of looks like it could be someones backyard that he’s in… My imagination went straight to “he has a big/norm house and that’s where he actually goes to the bathroom! I just can’t get my head around the outdoor washing thing…. 😦


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