Let the Countdown Begin!

In just 10 short days I will be experiencing one of the craziest things of my life.

I have always been medically sound, I don’t even really get colds! There was the one time, 7 years ago that I had a cold/flu or something and I has a fever of 105! I let it ride and it went away so the thought of having some major underlying issues really freaks me out.

After careful review of internet resources I have decided that I am more afraid than I was before. The procedure sounds horrible and I really don’t want any part of it! There is no way in hell I am going to allow anesthesia so the deal’s off.

I don’t even take Tylenol! remember that time I mentioned that I had a fever of 105? You should because that just happened! Yeah, med free… That is the reason why the temperature was so high.

It’s times like this when I kind of wish I had that special someone to cuddle with and or cry to.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Nah, not really.


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