Facebook Roundup

This jumped to the top of my feed this morning. It’s pretty sad and I understand her pain. It’s unfortunate that we, as women, have to be very cautious about what we wear and say or it may be misconstrued as an invitation to approach us in a sexual manor. Not all women are looking for attention from guys. We are not all looking to be based on our body image.

A word of advice for the fellas… Watch some old movies! See how a man should approach a woman. Challenge yourself to court a female and see how that goes. Pay more attention to her mind.

The problem with relationships these days, in my opinion, is that guys are looking for that half dressed girl that is in search for her self worth through the eyes of men. Trust me when I say you will not fill that void because only she can! So when that unfilled void becomes bothersome to her again, as it inevitably will, she will be on the search again.

Ladies listen up: You have to love yourself. This may seem like an easy task but ask yourself if that self love exists. If it does, then you are not posting degrading photos on the internet and creating twerk videos because you are worth more to you than an Instagram double-tap.


I’m just gonna start looking like a bum! I don’t wanna hear that I’m sexy anymore, I don’t wanna hear comments about my ass anymore, I don’t wanna be looked at as a sex object anymore and it seems these days u can’t even be pretty without ppl having alterior motives! I’m not even gonna say come at me proper, just DONT COME AT ME PERIOD! This generation has ruined EVERYTHING! Can’t just chill, can’t wear anything your body might look nice in, can’t talk or text, can’t even fckn smile at someone without them thinking u wanna do something with them. I’m about to get rid of messenger, get rid of a lot of FB “friends” and change my number! Deadass just leave me the FCK alone! If I want u, u will know damn! I don’t wanna fuck u and I’m not gonna!


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