I don’t know much about this topic if I’m being honest. I really just think of it as forming relationships with people that I don’t yet know and maintaining positive relationships with people that I already know. This method works for me because. I like people, generally.

This post is not really about networking, it’s about the achieving the opposite results. This post is about people who only speak to you when they want something for their business. This is not a give and take relationship, this is a one usurious in nature.

I can’t stand that. I am currently on the phone as I type this post. This phone call is solely because this person needs referrals. Which is interesting because the last time we talked was because they needed a picture, the time before that was because they “couldn’t figure out how to print from craigslist”… No ‘how are you’ involved.. Oh and I’ve known them ALL MY LIFE. I think the reason I am so personally offended is because I AM facing some medical issues and they haven’t even asked me if this is causing some mental distress and again I’VE KNOWN YOU ALL MY LIFE!!! Sorry I don’t know anyone AT ALL.

I have been more than willing to help out at every point but no longer!


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