As it relates to policing


Update: Anita Alverz [State’s Attorney] seemed to be very nervous being at the podium. She seems to be placing high emphasis on the independent agency that was investigating the case.

Lynn McCarthy, Cook county assistant State’s Attorney, lead the video presentation which includes the dash cam video. She pretty much spoke to gang violence. The car that he was in was shot. Instead of going to the police they decided to return to where their car was shot with a loaded weapon. She played a sample of 911 call regarding the shooting between the individuals. Call 3 occurs post police fire indicating 7 shots fired first, 4-5 shots fired ten minutes later and then 4-5 shots fired after police arrival. She followed up with the radio dispatch and if you ever heard a police scanner you know it’s simply communicating the happenings  regarding an indecent with information gathered from the 911 calls. So as he is running away, shots were fired I didn’t see a gun in his hands.. I DID NOT SEE A GUN…

(“what unit is that?” asks a reporter… Someone says, “yeah we’ll answer questions later”… The reporter then says “well for the purposes of the audio you’ll play, what unit is that?” then someone says…. “yeah, just keep going Lynn”)

As I am sure you have heard, the police officer, Vandyke, has been charged with the murder of Laquan McDonald. Apparently there was another shooting and the video of this shooting has yet to be released. I am tuned into CNN news as we speak to see what the results of the shooting of Ronald Johnson will be.


Warning this video of the shooting of Laquan McDonald is graphic

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