Whoa… What did I just read?

Whoa, what did I just stumble upon? I am not sure is this is fictional writings of a possible novel that someone is creating and I am just too tired to read every word of it, or am I actually seeing someone come apart at the seams through the black and white text of the wordpress page.

Could it be that I am half-watching CNN, a documentary of the Mumbai attacks, and previously watched #blindsided which talked all about how the US could draw a clear line through the ending of one terrorist group to the beginning of the newest terrorist group and my mind is hyper focused on extremism?

Either way, I am a fan of sharing things that I find interesting but I really would rather not share this one. I don’t think it is something that I want to be associated with. I’m 95% (please remember the guides to online percentages) sure this site should be one that needs to be looked into by one of our lovely alphabet teams.

I think what I found most interesting about this site is the mindless likes. Do you know how you follow certain blogs but sometimes you just “like” things… with just skimming the content or not even that much? (by the way, I know you do! I do get the “1 like/ no visitor” announcement)

As I read through the previous posts of the site and then back the other way, I found that the moment of “sanity lost” appears to be on or about 10/27/15 where the title and the post just don’t match up at all. The post is in all caps and bold and  to be honest, I can almost feel the lucidness melt into nothingsville.

Then, a few posts later, there is a post that had a title stating how they contacted various alphabet groups and were subsequently blocked but wanted them to read their book about how to kill a majority of the population of the world.

Umm… I think I am just up too late again and am overreacting to this…



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