OMG ….”for….”

You want to know what really “grinds my gears”…H.J.Simpson… When people try to compliment you and slide an insult in there with it.

Here let me explain…

“You look amazing… for a mother of three”

“Wow stunning… for 32”

Really people! not that I allow other people alter my self worth, because it is SELF worth, but can we remove age, race, and parental status from any compliment we may be trying to give.

Let’s break it down a little bit.

If I didn’t have three children, would my physical appearance not meet your apparently stringent guidelines?

If I were 23 would my “look” be something to scoff at?

If I were just a little bit thicker or a tad bit shorter would model not pop in your mind. (you’re so tall and thin, you should be a model)

I just say thank you

Rant over! Thank goodness… Had to get that out. Love always you tall, thin, model, 32 yr old, mother of 3


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